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Dentist's Office in Wabash, Indiana

Dr. Bing M. Fowler DDS
has a family-oriented General Dentistry Practice. His office is located on the Southside of Wabash, Indiana, serving Wabash and surrounding communities since 1975.

Gentle, Caring, & Compassionate
Dr. Fowler enjoys his work as a dentist, helping people achieve the smile that they want; And to do this in a comfortable and pain free way as possible. We pride ourselves in our Gentle Caring Compassionate Staff. Dr. Fowler and his employees strive to make patients feel at ease before, during and after treatment. Our office has a relaxing comfortable decor.

Dentist, Dentist's Office in Wabash, IN

A Clean Office Is a Healthy Office
We Pride ourselves in keeping a clean,disinfected work place. We follow strict office guidelines for
Infection control and sterilization. Surfaces are disinfected, various disposable plastic barriers are
changed between patients, and disposable Air-Water Syringe tips & vacuum tips are disposed of after
each patients visit. All instruments are autoclaved-sterilized or sterilized overnight in liquid sterilization
solutions. The steam Sterilizer-Statium is tested-monitored weekly.

All high speed Handpieces are Steam Sterilized after each use; prophy contra angles used for dental cleaning and polishing are disposed of after each patient. Each room is equipped with Aquasept Systems. These are Sterlizable Units consisting of Water Reservoir, Hand Piece hose and water syringe hose.These are changed after a patient leaves. Distilled Water is used rather than City Water.

Also Sterile Saline is used in Surgical Extractions.

We offer Oral Sedation-Pre-medication. Dr. Fowler strives to provide Gentle Dental Care. We can help you overcome anxiety with Oral-Sedation to relax you and take the edge off the situation. But even without Oral-Sedation, if you feel discomfort, tell us and Dr. Fowler will stop and strive to correct it.

We Listen!
We listen to your individual situation, wants and desires.

Every patient's situation is Unique.

A. As to health of the mouth
B. Anxiety
C. Goals
D. Finance

Through a comprehensive exam & x-rays, Dr. Fowler Diagnosis your dental condition. He explains the
various options to choose from and helps you select the treatment that best fits you. We want you to
participate and ask questions.

Referral to a Specialist
If Dr. Fowler feels you need additional care, we will refer you to an appropriate Specialist. We will make
the necessary appointments and co-ordinate your treatments.

Dental Insurance and Financing
If you have dental insurance we can submit it for you and assist you in receiving your benefits.

We can discuss financial arrangements including VISA, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD, and CARE CREDIT (which you can apply for by phone or online to make interest free payments).

Dr. Fowler has invested hundreds of hours in Continuing Education through the years, along with new equipment and techniques for his patients.

We treat children, adults, and seniors and treat each in a Caring Gentle Compassionate way.

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Contact us at (260) 563-8333 in Wabash, Indiana, to make an appointment with our dentist's office.

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